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Rachel is 14 years old. Her parents are working and living in Vila but she attends secondary school in Santo. During the COVID-19 community transmission in Santo, the Government closed all schools in Vila and Santo and encouraged teachers to prepare home packages for student to do at home.

Rachel went to her uncle and aunt in town. They both work as teachers and every day they went to their school to prepare the home packages for their students and Rachel would be in the house with her grandfather to do her own school work. One day Rachel’s aunt told them to go to the garden to fetch some cabbages. They came back from the garden and Rachel prepared their lunch and told her grandfather to come to the table to eat but her grandfather did not talk to her. Rachel ate her food and when she got up from the table to put her plate in the sink her grandfather called her. When she approached him, he got out his penis from his trousers and showed Rachel and said that he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her.

Rachel was frightened and ran outside and sat at the roadside waiting for her uncle and aunt to come back home. She told her aunty straight away and her aunt told her uncle. Her uncle was very cross and told his father that tomorrow you are going back to Port Vila, but you have to face the consequences. Rachel’s uncle has been to a VWC workshop, and he knew that he had to report his father’s actions to the Police. He didn’t want his father to behave this way to his own daughters, or to those of his brother.

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