Vanuatu Women's Centre

Phone: (678) 25764 | 24 Hours Toll-Freeline:161

Vanuatu’s Department of Women’s Affairs donated 300 solar lights to the Vanuatu Women’s Center, and a donation was also given to the Red Cross Society. For disaster response during this time.

The Vanuatu Women’s Center will be deployed to South Epi this weekend to visit affected areas that have not been visited by other agencies or organizations except the Vanuatu Police Force.

VWC has been traveling to affected areas, especially in Shefa and Tafea provinces, to do awareness talks on Domestic Violence, Violence Against Women during disasters, Family Protection Law and legal information. There are also necessities given to Mamas and young women in need during this time. In Lakatoro, Malekula, as well as the affected areas, were visited by Malampa Counselling Center, the VWC branch office.

The Vanuatu Women’s Centre is conducting awareness-raising and addressing Domestic violence issues that women and girls are facing in rural communities.

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