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Lucy is 14 years old and in Year 7. She was a victim of sexual abuse by her elder brother. They go to the same school, but Lucy is in junior high and her brother is in senior high. In school, Lucy was quiet and did not mix with other students. Although her teacher was concerned about her behavior, she had never tried to talk to Lucy about it.

One day, there was a public talk in her school by PECC staff about the different types of domestic  violence. When the talk moved on to sexual violence, Lucy couldn’t hold back her tears. She cried  and cried, and then her teacher told her to go to the office. She told her teacher about the abuse, and her teacher referred her to the PECC counsellor. After a counselling session, they went to the clinic and got a medical report. The case was reported to the police, and the young man is now facing court.

case study from PECC shows how important special events can be at helping women and  girls to identify what is happening to them and get help.

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