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Vanuatu Women’s Centre partnered with the Ministry of Justice through the Shefa Child Desk and the Shefa Disability Desk and to organize the Children’s Day celebration on July 24, 2023. More than 200 children and families gathered during the Children’s Day celebration at Maumau School at Teouma Bush. Four schools assembled together at  Teouma Bush Area and paraded  to Maumau School where the Official Program took place.

A student of the Maumau school gave a speech, and the official Prime Minister’s Speech for National Children’s Day was delivered by the SHEFA Area Administrator for the Southeastern Area Mr. Jason Kalman. 

Vanuatu Women’s Centre Community Educator Ms. Lyn rose Tule gave an awareness about the importance of children and the importance of families and the communities to use positive cultural attributes to raise children in a safe and respectful environment.