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The Vanuatu Women’s Centre would like to congratulate its Torba Counselling Centre Project Officer, Lyn Rose Tule, on winning the International Women’s Day 2024 Hanson Matas Kelekele Award for Women in Leadership. The Australian High Commission hosted this event. This award is presented to her for her outstanding work in promoting women’s voices, advancing women’s rights, and ensuring that critical counselling services reach the most vulnerable at the community level.

Lyn Rose is the longest-serving staff member of the Vanuatu Women’s Centre; currently, she is the project officer of the Torba Counselling Centre. She is committed to advancing women’s rights through her work. Her first job was as a CAVAW (Committee Against Violence Against Women) member, and she was instrumental in setting up a CAVAW in her village in Gaua. During her time and current time, she runs awareness activities in the communities on the islands of Vanuatu.

She played an instrumental role in the setup of the branch in Torba, which began operations in 2010, and also helped to establish the Malampa Counselling Centre, a center that by far records and services a high rate of clients. By then, Lyn Rose was working as a counsellor at VWC after having completed community education training in Fiji. Lyn Rose’s drive and commitment to her work propelled her to progress professionally, and she was promoted to community educator at VWC (2021-2023) and recently in 2024 as project officer for the Torba Counseling Centre in Torba province. Her passion for community work and for ending violence against women and children is her motivation and what sets her apart as a role model and leader.

Photo By: Australian High Commission

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