Vanuatu Women's Centre

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Malampa Counselling Centre

Malampa Counselling Centre (MCC)

Vanuatu Women Centre found a survey in 2009-2010 reported that Violence against women and children is increasing in Malampa Province. VWC opens a new branch in Lakatoro, Malekula. They provide Centre based counselling, referrals and follow-ups. MCC also do mobile counselling in the communities, provide community awareness talks, workshops, training, male leader’s workshop, special events and other services in different areas in Malampa Province. The Branch activities and crisis counselling and support service are

  • Centre based counselling, referrals and follow ups
  • Mobile Counselling
  • Counsellors accompany clients
  • In house counsellor training
  • Safe House
  • Community Awareness talks and workshops
  • Male leaders’ workshop
  • Special event campaigns
  • Local staff training
  • Network with Provincial Government, community leaders and Civil Society Organisation


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