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AFL Vanuatu has seen an increase in their eight weeks pikinini kick program and Plei Footy Blo Jenis programs for the past three Saturdays at Independence Park.

AFL also visited Erakor Bilingual School for the first school visit since COVID-19 restrictions hit, and engaged in several initiatives with the Vanuatu Women’s Centre(VWC) around domestic violence reduction and the sport’s role in this.

AFL Vanuatu in partnership with VWC is a key outcome of a partnership between the two organizations that recognize the ability of sports to be involved in the community and provide positive examples of relationships between men and women, boys and girls as equals on the field.

It also draws on the deep experience, knowledge, and resources of the VWC in helping those affected by domestic violence.

This week AFL Vanuatu will join the VWC again for a series of workshop events and footy clinics on the island of Nguna Island in an exciting extension of the programs conducted so far in and around Port Vila as part of Plei Footy Blo Jenis.

Source: Vanuatu Daily Post

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