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The purpose of the MOU is to guide the way in which both parties will work together to assist victims and witnesses in the context of the prosecution of criminal offences involving family/domestic and sexual and gender-based violence.  In his address before the signing of the MOU, Public Prosecutor, Mr Josaia Naigulevu said in acknowledgment to the staff of VWC “the two offices have played complimentary roles in the past, and we have noted the work that Vanuatu Women’s Centre has played over the years in protecting victims from potential further trauma through legal mechanisms as well as providing temporary safe space, you and your office deserve to be commended for your commitment”.  

In her address, the Coordinator of Vanuatu Women’s Centre – Ms. Tatavola Matas said VWC will continue to work with the the Govt, through the Ministry of Justice and Community Services and the Office of the Public Prosecutor in ensuring that the third thematic strategy of victim support is ongoing and where necessary improved so that we receive our goal of improved access to Justice”.

This MOU builds upon existing relevant policies and protocols and VWC will continue to collaborate with the justice sector to make the court system more victim-friendly, particularly for children who need to give evidence of abuse. Vanuatu Women’s Centre will continue to assist women and children to obtain Family Protection Orders and provide training to police in relation to the same.

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