Vanuatu Women's Centre

Phone: (678) 25764 | 24 Hours Toll-Freeline:161

Sanma Counselling Centre

In 1993 a first workshop was held by a Committee against Violence against Women started in Luganville and Sanma Counselling Centre was the first Branch of the Vanuatu Women Centre and established in 10th October 1995.

The Centre has done a lot of work in Torba, Sanma and Penama Province. SCC has Committees, activities, Counselling and support service in

  • Centre based counselling, referrals and follow-ups
  • Mobile Counselling
  • Humanitarian Response/ activities
  • Research and Data Collection
  • Community awareness talks & workshops
  • Male leaders workshops
  • Special events Campaigns
  • Support to the CAVAWs
  • Cavaws Training
  • Data Collection
  • Local Staff training
  • Staff collective meetings
  • Network with Provincial Government, Community leaders and Civil Society Organisation

There are 6 staffs in Sanma Counselling Centre and Project Officer. For more information call 36157 or Toll Freeline 161. Email: