Vanuatu Women's Centre

Phone: (678) 25764 | 24 Hours Toll-Freeline:161

Peter and Dora lived together in a de-facto relationship for fourteen years. They have two children, a boy and a girl. Dora is a year 13 leaver. Over the years, Peter was often violent. He assaulted Dora physically, threatened to kill her, and he did not allow her to look for job. He never allowed her to  visit her family, even for a death or a wedding. She was not allowed to go to town for shopping by  herself. Peter’s father has a truck, and took them both to market to do shopping. 

Dora happened to be at a friend’s house one day and overheard VWC’s program on the radio. She  listened attentively to the announcer as she talked about the work, and explained the types of  domestic violence, physical, emotional, sexual and coercive control, and said if anyone wants  counselling or wants more information, they can ring the toll free line 161. 

She went back to her house and rang 161. The counsellor answered the phone and she started  telling her story. After counselling she said I am with the wrong x`man. I must go back to my parents,  and find a job to help my children. She is now back at her birth home and has found a job.

A selection of case studies (collected/documented monthly) for VWC’s outcomes reporting are  included below for the 3 months from July to September 2022.

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